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Nike KD 11 Performance Review

Once again, KD won the championship and  FMVP for the  personal honor.  Congratulations to DURANT, we also saw that KD has been wearing the KD10 WHAT THE  in the Finals. but I think the KD 11 will be cool . We all look forward to all  kind of  colorway,but today we will bring the KD11’s actual assessment for the first time.

Compare with the KD10, the KD 11 can be said to be completely different feeling, this time the KD11 looks cool, not only the entire surface of the shoe is a complete curve of  composition, also KD 11 Zoom over the sole. It becomes a whole piece  which help  a lot in the court.

Though KD11 look simply ,but the setting is great. The KD 11 brings amazing upgrades in cushioning part;  Did you bought the Nike Kobe NXT 360 before ? If yes, how do you feeling about the  Nike’s React cushioning ? The KD 11  still used Nike’s React cushioning  again,  which  makes up the midsole to wrapped around the shoes t to help with stability.  If the React ends up being a bit too firm, a full-length Zoom Air unit has been placed on top of it.Then the  FLYKNIT the upper , and part of the heel enhances texture with fine-pattern suede stitching.



When I got this one , I almost felt the surprising from the details of KD 11.Firt from the material of the upper, it used the  FLYKNIT material , it is amazing compare with the KD 10,because of the KD 11  used a reinforce strap in the forefoot to protection the feet , and the other parts of upper will be more comfortable , it is the same design of  the HUPERDUNK2016,the difference is that KD11’s FLYKNIT is more substantial.


The traction used the clear rubber a thin cupsole is wrapped around  the KD 11. It is look great simply setting ,but the function is useful.The rubber sole extends up the sides of the shoe to add stability as you cut hard.

The traction pattern used  curved lines,it is will be better if you used in the inside and  wooden floors.


Because of the design of pull-tab, so I felt it is easy and quickly to take it off  just a bit like wearing socks. In terms of size, personal I feeling it  is normal, because FLYKNIT has a superior wrapping, so I will recommended that you can choose  over a half size if you are a wide-footer.


For the cushioning .A combination of Nike React foam and toe-to-heel Nike Zoom Air delivers incredibly responsive cushioning that powers every move,you will be adapt adequate cushioning and soft elastic foot quickly , personally ,I think that the traction of  KD11  is be more thick and harder , so Although the cushioning technology is more soft , but  it  will be more lockdown your feet and more protection . However it will get more weight for this shoe. The size of  EUR 44.5 KD11 has a single 460-gram weight.

KD needs a soft, comfortable feel underfoot that also propels him
forward. So Chang decided to try a cushioning combination that had
never been used in any Nike shoe: Nike React foam and Nike Zoom
Air, which provides a broken-in feel right out of the box.


The support of the midsole is very stable, giving us the possibility to control both the REACT and the ZOOM at the same time. This is importance,because of  there is no stability of the outsole ,the hoes just called  comfortable casual shoes. On the other hand, although the upper has a partial reinforcement, it is still weaker in terms of stability.  At the end of the day, the outsole did not have a prominent design. Sometimes the strong emergency stoppage will make the foot slipping out of the midsole.

The KD11 followed the KD9,KD 10’s cushioning tech, KD11 can be said to be a new and cool shoe.The overall design is simple but without losing beauty, REACT with the full length ZOOM are  perfectly , with theone-piece Flyknit upper and an external heel that scoops up high at the heel, and the nice wrapping,the KD  11 just worth the price .

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